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About Us...

Welcome to the new WNEP.com Local Classifieds!

WNEP-TV and WNEP.com, the market leader is proud to offer the new WNEP.com Local Classifieds.  If you are in the market to buy, sell or rent everything from microwave ovens, to million dollar mansions the WNEP.com Classifieds will help you reach the largest local audience possible!

 Why choose WNEP.com classifieds?

  • Buyers and sellers will benefit from the largest local audience possible.  WNEP-TV / WNEP.com's audience includes those living in 17 counties.  WNEP.com routinely measures millions of pageviews a month!
  • Sell to a local audience.  Remove the need to negotiate a sale with someone in Shanghai.  No need to reduce your profit by how much it will cost to ship to Guam.  The WNEP.com Local Classifieds benefits from one of the largest local audiences around!
  • Costs less than most competetively priced classifieds.  This helps you to maximize the profit from your sale.
  • No need to stumble your way through multiple "local" classifieds.  Whether you are searching for a house, boat, job or even roller skates, you'll find it all in one place!
  • Want to sell your car, but don't want to drive it across two states once it is sold?  Our local audience can mostly be found "all in a day's drive"!
  • The WNEP.com Local Classifieds are run by a local company that has your best interests in mind.  No more dealing with a national company if something doesn't work the way it should!

 So what are you waiting for?  Jump in and start buying and selling today!

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